Ain't Nobody Got Time For That:
Event Timeline vs. Execution

I can sum up this aspect of production quite simply: live up to your word.

Day to day life keeps us waiting for things all the time, so the last thing anyone wants to do is go out to release the grind and be entertained, just to wait 45mins for a show to begin once you find your seat.

If you promote that a show begins at a certain time, start your fucking show within fifteen minutes of that time elapsing. I understand sometimes there are things out of our control – you have a line around the block and the venue requests you wait until all ticketholders are in the building, your sound tech has a sound emergency and can’t begin the show with you, the venue is on fire, etc…all valid excuses, but none of these things fall on the producer or stage manager, the two people truly responsible for the event’s flow and timeline (outside of catastrophe).

The easiest way to ensure your ability to stick to your advertised timeline is proper dissemination of information pre-show. Get the production team, crew, venue staff and performers on the same page with an email outlining the night of show schedule, call time, and set list (and then a follow up email). This way, if anyone is running late/unprepared, at least you warned them!

No one wants to continue working with someone who can’t take the time to be there on time, period. You are lucky that your crowd is choosing to spend their time with you, so respect that by sticking to your proposed timeline as closely as possible.