The Sirens are composed of a resident cast of burlesque and variety performers, with a rotational cast set to feed into the scope of the troupe's various activities, events and productions.  The Sirens share a strong sense of camaraderie and passion for the development and execution of the material they put forth with every performance.


JAY SIREN believes that there is nothing better in life than good ol' live entertainment, and is a committed show personality that loves acting as both official MC and performer within the troupe. If you've seen her live, then you know Ms. Siren means business, and delivers a powerhouse of sizzle every time she steps on stage. 




SASS HERASS is a high energy, highly comedic performer with almost 20yrs of combined technical dance training to back up her over-the-top character presence on the Siren stage. 





ALIJAH DRESDEN enters the stage with an enigmatic ferocity unique to her on stage persona. When 'Jah' enters the stage, be prepared to see kicks, gropes and splits. She loves surprises, and surprising people even more. Don't be alarmed if you catch her alter ego "Carol" storm the stage from time to time either—she may be a little rough around the edges, but she always has a soft spot for the ladies!




SALACIOUS KAY used to be a DJ, but now she's just a DANCE MACHINE! With over 20yrs of technical dance experience, Kay is the Siren's lead group choreographer, and specializes in creating the extra sizzling acts you see the group bring to stage in each show.




GEORGIA FIRE is an artist, a gymnast, and intense lover of the slow burn. She is a skilled dancer that is known to set a fire in the hearts of her audience, and if you've ever seen her perform live, you KNOW it's true!




LUCINDA BUTTONS is a veteran Siren burlesquer, with an unmatched swagger on stage and off. If you're feeling naughty, she'd love nothing more than to have you on the receiving end of her wooden paddle... And always remember, it's "Miss Buttons" if you're nasty!

MEOWIE WOWIE is a raging unicorn in disguise. Often seen trotting about as her alter-ego, the universal unicorn Harvey Hornbanger, Meowie enjoys bringing a level of theatricality and irreverence to her acts that always leave the audience begging for more!




GINGER SNATCH calls upon over a decade of formal dance training and love of all things sparkly to create performance numbers that show off her spicy side! She is also a tattoo artist at Side Show Custom Tattooing, and has laid a bunch of glorious ink on her fellow Sirens!